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A young artist with a keen interest in the magic of the macro world. She turns everyday objects into spectacular abstract shapes. Her work explores the evolution and continuation of life. Her practice has changed as a result of this new reality, focusing more on tactile depictions of closeness and connection between people and the environment. A relationship that is on the cusp of sensibility and the sublime, especially in a world that is constantly jolted by the upheaval that the natural order causes. This interest has evolved from incredibly detailed photography to enchanted abstract shapes. The plant skins serve as a bridge between people and the environment, emphasizing the quick progression of life's journey.

She has recently become fascinated with mould because it showcases and highlights these textures, intimacies, and relationships in a condition of decay. Plant skins serve as a bridge between humans and nature, underlining the quick progression of the journey of life: a stage of life where touch entirely ends, but after which new life is born and the circle of touch, intimacy, starts over.

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